Free Print Audit

Copycare is happy to carry out a Print Audit for your business completely free of charge.
A Print Audit offers you the opportunity to discover how our Managed Print Service could benefit your business and also provides you with the opportunity to meet us and decide whether you feel we are a suitable partner for your business.

Does my business need a Print Audit?

Possibly, possibly not – by having a Print Audit you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. A Print Audit is suitable for organisations of all sizes and even companies with just one or two printers can benefit from potential cost savings by switching to a Managed Print Service, which is invariably cheaper than buying toner and service on an as and when basis.

What will you do during the Print Audit?

The first task is to compile an inventory of all printers being used by your organisation. We’ll discover how much each printer is being used and by whom, how much each print costs your business and whether the equipment fulfils the needs of its users.

We’ll then present our findings back to you. In some instances, we’ll report that your business already runs an efficient and cost effective fleet of printers and recommend that you continue as you are without any changes. However, much of the time we are able to recommend changes that demonstrate potential cost, efficiency and productivity savings. Where this is the case, we’ll present you with a report outlining our findings and leave this with you to decide whether you wish to follow our recommendations.


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